Horror Viewings So Far

September 14, 2009 at 11:45 pm (Uncategorized)

Repulsion (Polanski, 1965) – 5/10


While it’s strikingly photographed, I found it very dull for most of the duration, and Deneuve’s character pathetic. Parts of it are quite effective but I was very disappointed overall.

Black Christmas (Clark, 1974) – 10/10

960 black christmas 746

The best “slasher” film I’ve seen, it is both perfectly representative of the genre and  very subversive of it. It has mesmerizing camera work and is truly disturbing, not least because the characters are sympathetic, and the killer beyond twisted.

The Faceless Monster (Caiano, 1966) – 8/10

Faceless Monster Oh Barbara as Morticia

A little clunky, but Barbara Steele is fantastic, Ennio Morricone’s score deliciously creepy, and the plot is surprisingly complex and interesting. Unfortunately, this film is in dire need of a better transfer – the quality of all available versions is very poor.

Antichrist (Von Trier, 2009) – 9/10


See full review below.

Coming tonight: Possession (Zulawski, 1981)


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  1. peng33 said,

    Just caught this blog. Repulsion is one of my top ten films of all time. I’ve seen it on a really poor VHS transfer that I own at least 6-7 times, and was ecstatic upon learning of the pending (at the time) Blu-Ray release.

    Here’s the thing about Repulsion. Yes, it is slow. Yes, Deneuve’s character IS pathetic (if you want to look at it like that). But there’s a reason for both of these. If you are watching it as part of some marathon Halloween horror thing, and expect it to be overtly “scary,” you’ll probably come away missing the point. It’s pretty much the definition of psychological horror, a mood piece, a character study. Upon my first viewing, I was impressed and intrigued, but not blown away. I think it was not until my third viewing until I realized what the film was actually portraying, and why the character was the way she was.

    I can see dismissing the film with an average score on first viewing. But this is one of those films that might take a few viewings to gain a true appreciation for it. Which is great, but sort of unfortunate at the same time, as most people who do not care for it upon their initial viewing are less likely to give it the second or third viewing that it requires.

    Also, if you do not like this, I think you will probably also not like [Safe], which is a very similar film, and has been hailed as the best film of the 90s.

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