Summer 2009 in Review (so far)

August 20, 2009 at 5:15 am (Uncategorized)

All the films I’ve seen in theaters from May-yesterday.

Star Trek (Abrams)


Excellent effects, great cast of characters, wonderful balance of humor and action. I have a crush on Spock.

Angels and Demons (Howard)


Rather dull with a very flat protagonist. I liked the overdramatic music and the stunning locations.

Terminator Salvation (McG)


Christian Bale is terrible, but Anton Yelchin and Sam Worthington are charismatic and interesting. Neat mood and some very exciting action offsets poor writing.

The Brothers Bloom (Johnson)


Very charming comic caper with sharp writing and acting. Lovely photography of some stunning locales.

Drag Me to Hell (Raimi)


Possibly my favorite horror of the decade. Hilarious, disgusting, ballsy, and flat-out scary.

Up (Docter)


Gorgeously animated and heart-breakingly tender. The first 15 minutes are a self-contained masterpiece; unfortunately what follows is a little aimless, but still very enjoyable.

My Life in Ruins (Petrie)


Unbelievably lame. Offensive, condescending, makes Greece look as sexy as central Florida.

Moon (Jones)


Does not follow through on most of the interesting questions it poses, and lacks conflict or bite. Nice compositions and a very impressive performance from Sam Rockwell.

The Proposal (Fletcher)


Formulaic, but entertaining. Nice banter between Bullock and Reynolds and some decent chemistry.

The Hurt Locker (Bigelow)


Bigelow’s distant approach from the characters makes it hard to really connect. A very thought-provoking look two opposing philosophies on being a soldier, but not as powerful or suspenseful as it could have been with that connection.

Public Enemies (Mann)


Visually intriguing but dramatically flat. The development of the characters is often so subtle as to disappear, which makes the wait between masterfully orchestrated action sequences tedious.

Bruno (Charles)


Occasionally hysterical and razor-sharp in its skewering of intolerance, but frequently just awkward and uncomfortable.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Yates)


Dazzlingly shot fantasy and a nice adaptation of one of the least interesting books in the series. Captures silly adolescent love, as well as the awe of dark, dangerous magic.

(500) Days of Summer (Webb)


Wildly creative and funny anti-love story that is the perfect antidote to too many sugarcoated Hollywood films. Killer soundtrack.

Funny People (Apatow)


Adam Sandler isn’t funny, but the rest of the cast get some good laughs. Overlong and indulgent without any legit reason.

Julie & Julia (Ephron)


Made me very, very hungry. The food all looks so amazing and Meryl Streep is perfection as Julia Child. It’s a little long for such little conflict, but it’s warm and welcoming.

District 9 (Blomkamp)


Smart, satisfying, and unique. The science fiction universe is brilliantly realized down to minute details and feels wholly genuine. Very impressive debuts from Blomkamp and leading man Sharlto Copley. Amazing effects.

Ponyo (Miyazaki)


Sweet eco-fairytale that meshes childhood nostalgia with muddled mythology, not always to the best effect. But it’s so gorgeously animated and scored you might not even notice.


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  1. moogirl22 said,

    Fully agree with your thoughts on Angels and Demons. The score was where it was at for me. And I also have a crush on Spock. 😀

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