December 28, 2008 at 6:11 am (Uncategorized)


i know when i’m wanted, i’ll leave if you ask me to

mind my own business and speak when i’m spoken to

i am the tower around which you orbited

i am not proud i am just taking orders, i

fall to the ground within hours of impact, i

hit back when hit and attacked

and i am an accident waiting to happen

i’m laughing like mad as you strangle the captain

my place may be taken – but make NO mistake

from a little black box we can say without shame that you’ve lost

do you know what you’ve lost?



  1. DJ Rkod said,

    you won’t sleep very tight
    no hiding, no safe covers
    make your bed and now lie
    just like you always do

  2. Copper said,

    I lost the remote the other day.
    Wait…that’s completely irrelevant to the topic at hand. Never mind.

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